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healthy soils,

healthy hens,

healthy you,

healthy community.



Our flock consists of Hi Line hens which are known for their consistent high lay rate and friendly nature.


Our hens are sourced from a local professional brooder who raises them from day old chicks to 18 weeks old. The grower administers all compulsory vaccinations, teaches them to use self-feeders, access water, perch train and forage naturally. At 18 weeks of age our new hens are ready to start laying eggs and are delivered to their new home at CharCol Springs.


Their trailers are state of the art and custom made specifically for Pastured poultry. Each trailer consists of water systems, perches for roosting at night, large bat wing doors on the side to give the hens protection from the weather and a state of the art nesting box where the hens are able to lay their eggs in the mornings.


Apart from sleeping at night and laying their eggs in the morning the hens spend the complete day from dawn to dusk out on the pastures grazing and foraging for food or even just basking in the sun.

Each flock consists of 500 hens and are given a quarter hectare at a time and depending on the amount of pasture, bugs and grubs available are moved on into a new pen every 5 to 7 days. Over 12 months we will cover at least 63 hectares of our pastures.


The hens are protected with portable electric net fencing from predators such as foxes, cats and dogs.


The big question that we are often asked is “What do you do with your hens when they are no longer laying at a commercially viable level?” These hens are known as spent hens which we on sell to local people who wish to have a few hens in their own back yard.


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