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  We believe that our future is our children. By nurturing and improving the quality of the land, soils, water and air we are securing our children’s future and that of their own children.


  As we are merely caretakers of this land we have chosen to do this through sustainable farming. By understanding natures systems we are able to work with nature. Polyculture and Biodynamics are only two sustainability systems we are using to work hand in hand here at CharCol Springs.


Polyculture system involves growing a variety of different crops or animals. For example our flock of hens follow the cows therefore cleaning up cow pats,

de bugging the area, scratching to promote further seed germination, meanwhile fertilizing the ground and replenishing the soils. The hens are happy and the cows are happy as they have improved pastures.


Biodynamic System involves using friendly bugs, worms and micro-organisms in the soil to break down organic matter intern making nutrients available to pastures or crops. Supplying these crops with nutritional food, clean water and a low stress environment to live in, in turn produces a wonderful healthy nutritional product to pass on for you to enjoy.


We are passionate about caring for our animals in the way nature intended by supplying them with nutritional food, fresh clean water, adequate shelter far greater than the minimum animal welfare standards .


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